Assessment & Development Centers

Do you need to assess your coworkers’ or candidates’ potential?
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Assessment Center (AC) and Development Center (DC) in brief…

An AC or a DC consists of the observation of a participant’s behavior and performances during a number of relevant testings and simulated situations (questionnaire, test, interviews, simulation/situational exercises) in view of a pre-defined profile of specific competences. It can last half a day or a full day depending on the program of exercises.

An AC aims to measure and assess the competencies and/ or potential of the coworkers (individually or in group) in the context of a recruitment, promotion, internal mobility or talent review.

In addition to assessment and scoring of the key competencies of the function, we are also providing a clear opinion on the match between the candidate and the position.

A DC aims to identify your coworkers’ talents and learning points in the framework of their personal development, career guidance, or within the succession plan of the organization. Besides assessing the match between the candidate’s core competencies and the ones required for the position, we also provide an overview of the existing strengths and areas of development for the candidate.

Why should you perform an Assessment Center (AC) or a Development Center (DC)?

Assessing coworkers or candidates’ competencies, potential, motivation and aspirations represent a highly valuable information source which can ease the decision-making process when it comes to recruitment, internal mobility, succession plan, career coaching and guidance.

In practice

Before starting the AC/DC, an intake is organize with our client in order to have a good understanding of the context and the function. It is also useful to define the competency profile. From then on we handle the practical organization of the AC/DC.

Within 24 hours after the test, a feedback is given by phone and the report is send a few days later. A more personal follow-up can be organized upon request (debriefing on site, setting up of a development plan, coaching path, …)

More than a basic test, a personal and integrated approach to evaluate your talents !

Why can you trust us?

  • A team of experienced senior consultants
  • A thorough knowledge of your sector
  • A methodology and tools regularly evaluated and updated
  • A large database of exercises
  • Anonymous satisfaction questionnaires regularly filled by candidates
  • An accreditation by Federgon
  • Tailored-made solutions adapted to you needs in the perspective of a long term collaboration