Interim Management

DynaFin Consulting supports companies in recruiting, selecting and placing professional interim management specialists across different roles. They are people with a specific expertise who are immediately operational and productive.

Why choose for interim management solutions?

Many departments often face major changes and there are many different business situations that result in the need for an interim manager solution. Often a permanent role may be impossible to find on short notice:

  • The temporary replacement of collaborators (maternity leave, sudden leave, illness…)
  • An unexpected increase in the volume of activity.
  • Specific operational issues
  • Crisis or change within an organization
  • Project management

What makes it attractive for you?

  • We are specialist in the sector and have a good understanding of what you do. It enables us to better align your specific expertise and culture.
  • Broad knowledge: our consultants have gained experience in multiple organizations from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinationals and on different levels which allows them to adapt to your context quickly.
  • Our consultants are exclusively focused on making their mission a success and meeting your expectations.
  • The ability to support your structural projects: thanks to their experience, our consultants can participate, beside their operational activities in optimization projects related to procedures, tools…
  • A regular follow-up of the interim management by one of our consultant. Our onsite interim manager can always rely on the expertise of our team.
  • The administrative follow-up is simplified, the one-time signing of a contract for the provision of a consultant is sufficient to start the relationship.