Business/Process Analys Loans

About Dynafin Consulting

DynaFin Consulting is a human sized, flexible consulting company delivering services in the Financial Services Industry.

Our company consists of more than 85 committed consultants with offering strong expertise in the different domains : Invest – Payments – Credits – Insurance.
In these domains we support our clients in :
• Operational Excellence
• Regulatory Compliancy
• Software and Solution selection & Implementation

One single Sector – DynaFin Consulting focus exclusively on the financial sector. We have carried out and we do know the business of our clients.

One single Partner – Our experts accompany our clients in any dimension of their business. We provide unique and pragmatic solutions to their needs.

We provide our clients with 3 levels of solutions :
• Advising the business : As an independent niche player in Financial Services, part of a European Eco-System, we provide you with unique market insights, based on our wide spread presence in the market and continuous development of innovative solutions within our extensive industry network

• Changing the business : We manage transformation projects with proven methodologies based on an extensive track record.

• Running the business : We accelerate the progress towards the operational excellence target of our clients.

In 10 years we have become a reference in the Belgian Financial Services landscape, starting from a specialization in securities services and acquiring knowledge in other domains, offering a one-stop-shop solution to our clients with a full range of services from strategical to operational.

In July 2017 we have joined the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem, becoming the 19th member of the ecosystem, each having its own range of expertise on major topics such as risk management, digital transformation, data and business intelligence, organizations and process management, change management, architecture and infrastructure …

… and about our Credits expertise
DynaFin offers a one-stop-shop to banks, payment service providers, credit institutions and Fintech’s to assist them on both changing & running business initiatives. Our team of experts gather significant knowledge in cash supporting platforms (account solutions), cash transfers (payments solutions) from classical setups (SEPA transfers, physical cash & cards industry) to new setups (digital accounts & mobile payments) and consumer loan processes.

Roles & Responsibilities

Our Business Unit Credit Services is looking for a Business/Process Analyst specialized in Loans  to strengthen its enthusiastic team and be part of various exciting projects for a large portfolio of clients (Strategic Development, System selection and implementation, Process Reengineering,…).

Different challenges but always with a common goal : to assist clients in meeting their business needs by realizing smart solutions. Every day will be different, but things you can expect are

  • Analyse existing processes & systems (as-is): Be able to assess the Business Operating Model and its integration with IT
  • Propose solutions in the context of process simplification, problem solving, improvement or re-engineering of processes
  • Write & design process maps: documenting 'As Is' and 'To Be' processes and delivering process flows.
  • Design new (to-be) process & systems:
  • Target Operating Model: Assist in the development and/or implementation of the TOM.
  • Implementing innovative changes and apply best-practice methodology to ensure business transformation
  • Be the subject matters expert between the stakeholders and impacted departments (i.e. marketing, legal, compliance, IT, etc.).


Examples of current assignments :

  • Open banking consequences and related opportunities
  • Automation and robotization of key credit processes
  • Digital and mobile banking : new products developments
  • Credit Operational excellence
  • Outsourcing (BPO) setups


  • You have a previous experience in banking end to end loan processes for professional and corporate loans (origination, life cycle management, troubled credit management)
  • You have experience in working in an Business It -change environment
  • You have a significant experience as Business/ Process Analyst
  • You gave an excellent understanding of Significant technical understanding of BPMN, Business Analysis frameworks, business processes, business requirements and UAT methodologies.
  • You are able to work in French, Dutch and English
  • You have strong communication skills, both written and oral
  • You have strong analytical and stakeholder management skills
  • You are customer focused