Junior Consultant Financial Services

Roles & Responsibilities

Looking for an interesting start of your career in the world of finance ?
Then you've just found the best company that will match your needs ! The financial sector faces major transformations impacting all domains of companies. There has never been a more interesting time to be part of it. 

What do you think of ? :

  • Working in an environment where your mindset & skills make a difference
  • Get the chance to work for multiple clients facing huge transformation
  • Develop your expertise really fast 
  • Nice after works with great colleagues


What will you do as a Junior Consultant ?
Your first mission will familiarize you with the usual tasks encountered in banking departments. As a consultant, you will distinguish yourself by providing quality services and identifying opportunities for improvement in the client's daily activities :

  • Bring expertise to clients on financial domains
  • Analysing the client’s business needs and find solutions with him
  • Participate in the realization of the various mission deliverable (summaries, reports, minutes) 
  • Coordinate with different stakeholders 
  • Recurrent reporting to different stakeholders
  • Evaluation of progress and results

As a DynaFin Consultant, you give to your career and CV a mega boost ! 
Each project / mission will quickly gives you the opportunity to develop your skills. 


  • You have a Master degree (Economics or Finance)
  • You have recently finished your studies or you have a first successful professional experience within the financial sector / consulting company
  • You have affinities with the Financial sector
  • You have excellent communication skills (French, Dutch & English)
  • You have a strong analytical mind with excellent organizational competencies
  • You have a hands-on personality and you like taking initiatives and getting things done
  • You are fundamentally curious and eager to constantly learn and grow

About Dynafin Consulting

DynaFin Consulting is a human sized, flexible consulting company delivering services in the Financial Services Industry.
Our company consists of more than 85 committed consultants with offering strong expertise in the different domains : Invest – Payments – Credits – Insurance. In these domains we support our clients in :

  • Operational Excellence
  • Regulatory Compliancy
  • Software and Solution selection & Implementation

One single Sector – DynaFin Consulting focus exclusively on the financial sector. We have carried out and we do know the business of our clients.

One single Partner – Our experts accompany our clients in any dimension of their business.
We provide unique and pragmatic solutions to their needs.
We provide our clients with 3 levels of solutions :

  • Advising the business : As an independent niche player in Financial Services, part of a European Eco-System, we provide you with unique market insights, based on our wide spread presence in the market and continuous development of innovative solutions within our extensive industry network
  • Changing the business : We manage transformation projects with proven methodologies based on an extensive track record.
  • Running the business : We accelerate the progress towards the operational excellence target of our clients.

In 10 years we have become a reference in the Belgian Financial Services landscape, starting from a specialization in securities services and acquiring knowledge in other domains, offering a one-stop-shop solution to our clients with a full range of services from strategical to operational.

In July 2017 we have joined the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem, becoming the 19th member of the ecosystem, each having its own range of expertise on major topics such as risk management, digital transformation, data and business intelligence, organizations and process management, change management, architecture and infrastructure …