Business Analyst - Transactions

Roles & Responsibilities

Business Analyst role within the squad Transactional. The squad Transactional works on all items linked to order execution and settlement. The products they cover are mainly shares, bonds and funds.

As a business analyst within this squad, you will need to gather information from all stakeholders in order to write and explain business requirements and make sure they are tested and implemented within the agreed timeframes.


  • Min 4-5 years experience as a business analyst.
  • Knowledge of agile way of working is definitely a plus
  • Expertise within the brokerage and settlement domain. Knowledge of the CSDR regulation would be a plus
  • Knowledge of the most common financial products and their lifecycle: shares, bonds, funds
  • Able to take the lead / take initiative in organizing workshops and core team meetings, where all stakeholders are represented
  • Good communication skills, assertive

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