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DynaFin offers a one-stop-shop to credit institutions, banks and consumer credit pure players to assist them on both changing and running credit business initiatives.

Our dedicated team of experts have a sound knowledge of:

  • Products:  Instalment Loans, Revolving Credit, Credit Cards, Mortgage Loans;
  • Processes: Granting, Collection, Recovery;
  • Acquisition Channels: Direct, POS, Online.

In details

New Customer trends and increasing competition => We help you to adapt and evolve.

  • B2C clients are moving online where few credit solutions currently exist;
  • Increasing competition (banks, pure players, FinTech) while overall B2C credit demand is stagnating;
  • Low interest rates push towards diversification strategies (new products and acquisitions channels).

Processes & operating models: Move towards digitalization and automation => We assist you in (re)designing your key lending processes.

  • Digitalization of evidences capture & secure digital archiving are key to allow STP processes and instant granting;
  • 100% paperless processes are now possible with advanced electronic credit contract signature (EIDAS framework);
  • Automated controls are possible through automated task management, RPA and machine learning with significant impact on day to day operations (reduced operational pressure and cost savings).

Regulatory challenges put high pressure on existing players => We make sure you comply.

  • Zeroing significantly impacts Revolving credits lines;
  • KYC requirements remain a strong barrier to online credit granting;
  • AnaCredit imposes new (and complex) reporting;
  • Overall Belgian regulation is even stricter than in neighbouring countries (customer protection laws).

Some Credentials

1. Consumer Credit Institution – Digital credit granting process

DynaFin supported its Luxembourg based client in its pre-implementation phase to assess how to extend current services offering towards current account (IBAN), SEPA and International payments. E2E analysis from systems challenges (Front/back ends) to operational processes.

2. Credit Institution Business Process Outsourcing Offer

DynaFin has led the whole development of a new B2C mobile payment account offer. Intervention scope covers Product design (Front/back-ends & UX), domestic payments setup, Card processes design, E2E management of the development project and market launch strategy.

3. Retail Bank – Product launch

DynaFin supports its client in digitalizing and automating all credit granting processes in the frame of its strategic repositioning program. Scope of intervention includes STP ratio maximization, digital KYC setup, E-signature implementation and E2E process reengineering. DynaFin experts have managed the project from its conception to the actual roll-out.