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Organisation & Change

DynaFin has a great track record in managing organizational transformation programs. Our consultants support our clients in designing and implementing new target operating models.

Thanks to our proven methodologies, with a strong focus on communication, high-quality training combined with our HR consultants’ expertise, DynaFin support organizations in their transformation programs.

To better serve our clients, we can rely on the expertise of our subsidiary HR Partner (

Some Credentials

1. Implementation of a new core banking system

On a multi-year transformation program to implement a new core banking system, our consultants have assisted the client in:

  • The deployment of a companywide communication plan on the program benefits, progress and key deliverables;
  • The development and roll-out of a large training plan;
  • The design and implementation of the target processes.

2. Merger of Financial Institutions

Our change management experts have supported our clients in:

  • The definition of the target operating model, based on activities and strengths of each entity;
  • The collection, documentation and implementation of synergies;
  • Defining communication plan to address both internal employees and external world.

3. Launch of new activities in retail banking

In projects of reorganization following the creation of new activities, our consultants have:

  • Analyzed the current situation regarding the target offer and define the target organization;
  • Assessed the collaborators and implement a development plan;
  • Deployed a change management plan with senior management.