Project Manager Invest - (The future of reporting)

Roles & Responsibilities


In the first phase of 6 months we propose to start a trajectory, with following deliverables:


1) What is the to-be experience we want to offer our clients and advisors?

  • What should portfolio reporting ideally look like?
  • What are calculations, analyses, returns, ... that we want to offer in function of the profile/segment of the client?
  • What are the key trends and benchmarks within the industry (both functional and technical)?
  • ...



2) AS IS: complete description of current situation, inc. deficiencies.

  • What reports are prepared and sent today (digitally, both in BDN/BM and by (bank) mail, as well as on paper)?
  • What is the reporting basis for each of those reports(actor, contract, d-x, economic group, ...)?
  • Where do we get the data for these reports, i.e. what is the source of each data element? And what are possible calculations and formulas applied and where? (e.g. returns)
  • What is the architectural landscape that emerges when we bring all the reports and the underlying creation, consolidation, and source systems together? And what different architectural setups/patterns do we see then?
  • ....


3) What are the linkages/dependencies with Portfolio Based Reporting?

  • What does this mean for the future of Dimension as a portfolio management tool for mandates?


4) TO BE:

  • So where do we want to be concretely and realistically within 3 - 5 years (both functional and technical)?
  • What does this mean for our architecture landscape, e.g. what setups/patterns should we provide new, and how are we evolving from the existing reports to these new setups?
  • What investment should we make in return? What is a logical roadmap?


The Private, Wealth & Invest Project team of our client is looking for a Project Manager for a specific project (The future of Reporting).


Role of the project manager:

  • Deliver the assigned scope on time, on budget and with the desired quality
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Ensure the necessary structure and appropriate governance within the project
  • Work with relevant stakeholders to find appropriate solutions in line with the strategy
  • Encourage a constructive and active attitude among all project members and stakeholders

Required skills:

  • Bilingual NL/FR and good knowledge of English
  • Have affinity with strategic, marketing and technical aspects of the investment domain
  • Be able to consolidate and structure information from different sources
  • Be able to work on detailed requirements as well as report at management level
  • Strong in constructing a structured storyline to pitch scope, plan of action and strategy to top management
  • Knowledge of investment products
  • Project experience: Knowledge of Agile project methodology

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