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Young graduate program, their feedbacks !

Our team is happy to present the 2022 Young Graduate Program promotion ! This brand new program aims to develop talented young graduates with a passion for the financial services industry. During 5 weeks, 4 interns had an intensive internal training program with a focus on the key elements of this industry, required skills and […]

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Share our passion for the banking and insurance industry

Written by Paperjam + Delano Business Club Published on 27.09.2022 – Edited on 27.09.2022 at 12:01 Christophe Wauthier: “Drawing on the expertise of our 130+ consultants, our solution offering covers both operational excellence and (digital) transformation projects, while ensuring regulatory compliance.” The Paperjam+Delano Business Club welcomes a new member: DynaFin Consulting. Presentation in three questions. […]

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Some thoughts on the implications of the War in Ukraine for the Financial Services Industry

The world economy continues to suffer from a series of destabilizing shocks. After more than two years of pandemic, the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine and its global effects on inflation and financial conditions have exacerbated the slowdown in global growth. Sanctions towards the Financial Services Industry Besides targeting individuals, the sanctions also affected key […]

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Banking and Insurance sector: the evolution of the customer relationship

The customer-centric approach is leading to a change in strategy, generating multiple challenges for the sector. Interview with Jo Cuyvers, Managing Director of DynaFin, a management consulting firm active in the Benelux.   How is an omnichannel model essential to deliver an optimal customer experience? Jo Cuyvers: “According to our survey of banks and insurance […]

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Banking innovation

Technology in support of building purposeful relationships The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of the financial services industry. Thus, it has stimulated demand for financial technology (FinTech) services, benefiting companies operating in this segment. The focus of financial institutions was driven by requirements to rapidly react to ascending customer inquiries across multiple channels […]

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TRIM: one of the biggest projects of the European Central Bank

What risks do the financial institutions take? How much capital do they need? These questions are key elements of risk management for the banking sector moving in a constantly changing world. On the authority of the ECB, the banks may use internal models to estimate their minimum capital requirements. These internal models are currently challenged […]

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What is strategic product design?

As strategic product designers, we help organisations to (re)create visions, strategies and products.  Innovation and product creation processes (where ‘product’ relates to actual products, services, digital, physical or phygital experiences) are inherently difficult for a lot of companies. This usually results in products that cannot meet customer needs, long and time-consuming projects, or even budgetary […]

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Developed with our partner Satisco

Data Transformation As a Service

Nowadays, Cloud computing technologies have become the partner of choice for transformation and evolution in the use of software, platforms, and infrastructure as a service, especially in data transformation. A transformation which has been well understood by companies seeking to outsource their IT services. Let’s take two concrete examples, such as the production of SWIFT […]

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The Urgency To Evolve Process Improvement In The Digital Era

Key Drivers Of Digital Transformation The Covid pandemic shook businesses to their core and put them to face a very raw reality – if businesses want to survive the changing ecosystem, they must change with it or perish in a highly competitive market, unable to meet the demands of the customers. As the world turned […]

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Our added value on BPMN

BPMN 2.0 : Our Added value

Why this vidéo :  Discover our added value in BPMN through a day in a life of a Dynafin consultant. Any questions ? Don’t hesitate to contact us !    

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