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Benefits of Open Banking

Benefits of open banking have taken on a new significance since the COVID-19 crisis. Operational resilience will not be enough for banks to thrive in a world with changing and ever increasing customer needs and customer demands. Fostering partnerships with FinTechs and embracing the potential of open banking can deliver creation of new services and […]

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EU banking watchdog calls for single set of anti-money laundering rules

A directly binding single EU regulation would stop national practices that have had a significant adverse impact on preventing the financial system from being used for ML/TF purposes, the EBA said in a statement. https://mobile-reuters-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSL8N2G73JK  

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ESG disclosure regulation

For Asset Manager that must implement the new ESG disclosure regulation from scratch, it will be challenging to be ready in time. Yet, companies have developped solutions that could help Asset Manager to get the necessary data and build the required reporting. #esginvesting #esgreporting #assetmanagement #dynafin https://www.ft.com/content/38fe86c2-a194-46d6-b93a-68185f5b0519

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EU response to COVID crisis

2-minute read interview with the Executive Vice President of the European Commission on the EU response to the Coronavirus crisis. One of the quotes: “Capital markets and the Capital Markets Union will be fundamental for the economic recovery. More than ever, companies need to be able to access a broad choice of alternative sources of […]

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MiFID “quick fix”

Very interesting to note that while the public consultation on the review of the MiFID II/MiFIR regulatory framework has just ended, the European Commission is considering some MiFID “quick fix” which could be voted before the full review of MiFID II is finalized. The objective of this MiFID “quick fix”, in response to COVID-19, is […]

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Delay in the implementation date of the Shareholder Rights Directive (SRDII)

The European Commission refused to delay the implementation date of the Shareholder Rights Directive (SRDII), as asked by several industry bodies. Therefore, issuers, CSDS and all other financial intermediaries will need to be ready and compliant by September 3 2020. It means that a lot of players will need to accelerate their efforts in the […]

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Re-imagine Tech

The current crisis is likely to push the financial sector further towards (Tech) shared services partnerships and to this respect we see cloud policies being reviewed at a rapid pace. By turning towards third party specialists, financial institutions look to benefit from economies of scale, a more flexible cost base and further resilience to economic […]

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Will fingerprint biometric cards end the use of PIN codes for card payments? Introducing mobile payments technology into cards. The switch to a cashless and cardless society takes time as mobile payments, although they have a lot of advantages, still need to be widely accepted amongst consumers and merchants. https://newsroom.mastercard.com/asia-pacific/press-releases/mastercard-idemia-and-matchmove-pilot-fingerprint-biometric-card-in-asia-to-enhance-security-and-safety-of-contactless-payments/

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Digital Finance

A digital finance strategy for Europe could speed up the adoption of securities tokens. The development of securities tokens (and crypto assets in general) is currently hindered by the regulatory uncertainty on this subject. Finding a balance between investor protection, market stability, risk mitigation and innovation does not seem to be that obvious. The European […]

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Future skills

The future of work includes new work environments, new ways to collaborate, new digital skillsets and new methods of leveraging technology to augment human capabilities. 2 Minutes Read of an interesting study that reveals a ‘Skills Gap’ which potentially jeopardizes the future of banking workforce and discusses internal and external solutions the Financial Institutions will […]

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