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The latest (r)evolution in ‘Accident at work’ insurance

In Belgium, all employers are obliged to insure their employees for the risk of accidents at work. They must do so by subscribing to a policy with an insurance company. As we all know, employees must report every accident they have at work – or on the way to or from work – to their […]

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MiFID « Quick Fix » to enter into force

  MiFID « Quick Fix » to enter into force   Approximately a year ago, the ‘MiFID Quick Fix’ directive was voted to be adopted by the European Parliament. In the meantime, this directive was transposed into national law by the different member states. In Belgium the transposition took place on the 10th of February. […]

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Our Key Achievements 2021

Our Key Achievements 2021  Relive our 2021 year with us through this dynamic video

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KYC and AML Evolutions – RegTech Solutions

Context More than 30 years ago, in response to mounting concern over money laundering, the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) was established by the G-7 Summit. One decade later, in the wake of the 9/11 event, the regulation associated to the Know Your Customer (KYC) analysis and Due Diligence was accentuated. On […]

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TRIM: one of the biggest projects of the European Central Bank

What risks do the financial institutions take? How much capital do they need? These questions are key elements of risk management for the banking sector moving in a constantly changing world. On the authority of the ECB, the banks may use internal models to estimate their minimum capital requirements. These internal models are currently challenged […]

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Cyber-risk Insurance : Are you protected ?

Who doesn’t know somebody that was exposed or suffered some sort of data loss due to a cyber-attack or data breach? In recent years, cyber risk (or cybersecurity risk) has become a major concern. Organizations are becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats due to the increasing reliance on computers, networks, programs, social media, and global […]

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Longread : Inducements

The practice of asset managers refunding part of the management fees to the distributors (=sellers) of their investment products, the so-called inducements, has always been controversial. Despite recent regulatory tightening, inducements are still omnipresent among Belgian mutual funds. This article deals with the basics of inducements as well as the regulatory risks associated to this […]

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We welcomed 10 new colleagues since the summer

Being responsible for recruitment, I am very pleased to see which talented young as well as experienced professionals joined the DynaFin team these past few weeks. Many of them have been referred to our company via our consultants who warmly promoted DynaFin as a great employer and place to work. As part of our onboarding […]

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Throwback to the Onboarding Welcome Back day

As DynaFin Manager responsible for talent development and wellbeing I was very pleased to welcome back to the office our new colleagues who recently joined our adventure. After their Onboarding day(s) at DynaFin they all started their first client projects and their new professional careers as consultants. As consultants we all work remote or at […]

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DynaFin is proud to have invited Thierry Geerts, Country Director of Google Belgium

  Yesterday evening DynaFin Consulting gathered, in a covid-safe way and invited Thierry Geerts, Country Director of Google Belgium, as guest speaker to share his view on today’s technology.  Mr. Geerts has written two books on the subject – Digitalis (2018) and Homo Digitalis (2021).  During his expose, he highlighted some key messages.  Ambient Computing, […]

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