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We welcomed 10 new colleagues since the summer

Being responsible for recruitment, I am very pleased to see which talented young as well as experienced professionals joined the DynaFin team these past few weeks. Many of them have been referred to our company via our consultants who warmly promoted DynaFin as a great employer and place to work. As part of our onboarding […]

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Throwback to the Onboarding Welcome Back day

As DynaFin Manager responsible for talent development and wellbeing I was very pleased to welcome back to the office our new colleagues who recently joined our adventure. After their Onboarding day(s) at DynaFin they all started their first client projects and their new professional careers as consultants. As consultants we all work remote or at […]

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DynaFin is proud to have invited Thierry Geerts, Country Director of Google Belgium

  Yesterday evening DynaFin Consulting gathered, in a covid-safe way and invited Thierry Geerts, Country Director of Google Belgium, as guest speaker to share his view on today’s technology.  Mr. Geerts has written two books on the subject – Digitalis (2018) and Homo Digitalis (2021).  During his expose, he highlighted some key messages.  Ambient Computing, […]

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Solvay Consulting Club – DynaFin Mission 2021

On Tuesday 5 October, we kicked off the mission of the Solvay Consulting Club with DynaFin at the ULB.  It is always energizing to see the enthusiasm of students to get to know the role of a consultant.  Each year, the SCC is looking for students that want to experience what consulting is all about.  […]

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The Bob warranty in your car insurance

Is ‘Bob’ insured and to what extent? Today, almost everybody knows what a Bob campaign is. And ‘what’ a Bob is. Because every year, these awareness campaigns are set out to reduce the number of road victims due to alcohol. They are organized in Belgium, amongst other countries, to inform drivers that ‘drinking & driving’ […]

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Daily insurance | Renting

  When you rent a house or flat, you may never feel that it is your property. So, should you take out insurance? And what exactly should be insured?  The place where you live must also be considered. We have figured out the ‘what, why & where’ for you. What do you need to insure […]

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MiFID Quick Fix

Under the label of “Capital Markets Recovery Package: MiFID and EU Recovery Prospectus”, the European Parliament voted on 10 February to adopt the directive amending “Directive 2014/65/EU as regards information requirements, product governance and position limits and Directives 2019/878/EU and 2013/36/EU as regards their application to investment firms, to help the recovery from the COVID-19 […]

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Predictions for Fraud and Payments in 2021

For online retailers, it may have felt like every day in 2020 was Black Friday. Consumers massively turned to only shopping behavior, resulting in booming digital payment transactions. Together with these increased volumes, come new fraud patterns who will prompt merchants to realise that they’ve outgrown their current fraud and payment tools. PSD2 and more […]

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ESG and Non-Financial Analysis

1.  TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE FINANCE If the “return” aspect has always been predominant when it comes to investing in financial assets, there are of course other criteria that motivate investors to invest money. Amongst these other criteria, sustainable finance, SRI[1] or ESG[2] criteria are considered increasingly important. The latter refers to the three essential factors for […]

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The challenges of the financial industry after covid

By now, all economists agree on the economic turbulence that is heading our way, already today but even more once the covid19 pandemic is over.  Credit insurer Euler Hermes expects at least 23,000 bankruptcies in Belgium until the end of next year. That is almost an increase of 10% compared to the pre-crisis situation. As […]

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